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Klear Magic

KLEAR Magic | Pasteurized Mushroom Substrate Bag | 5lbs

KLEAR Magic | Pasteurized Mushroom Substrate Bag | 5lbs

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Elevate your cultivation game with KLEAR Magic's specially formulated 5lb Pasteurized Mushroom Substrate Bag. Crafted with a blend of pasteurized coco coir, medium-grade vermiculite, and top-tier gypsum, this substrate mix provides an optimal environment tailored for the growth of gourmet, medicinal, and edible mushrooms.

Designed with the seasoned grower in mind, this substrate bag is perfectly suited for those utilizing tubs for expansive growth. Pair it with Premium Spores, the KLEAR Magic All-In-One Mushroom Grow Kit, or the KLEAR Magic Grain Bag to maximize your yield potential. Experience enhanced flushes and consistent growth thanks to the unparalleled nutrient composition and growing conditions offered by this substrate. Set the stage for a fruitful harvest and remarkable consistency with KLEAR Magic.

 Whether you're a novice or a seasoned cultivator, the KLEAR MAGIC Mushroom Grow Bag offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for your mushroom-growing needs. Invest in our grow bag today and join the community of successful mushroom growers. Happy cultivating!


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